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Score some Champions and STO stuff on the cheap

If you've been waffling on picking up some goodies for your Champions Online or Star Trek Online accounts, but wanted to wait until the prices dropped a bit, then you're in luck. Cryptic Studios has announced that they're offering a 20% discount in the C-store during the Memorial Day weekend here in the US. What's better is that this isn't just a handful of items that only a handful of people might want -- this is for everything currently available in the C-store.

For Star Trek Online, this means you can pack your game full of shiny new ships, bridge packs, vessels, character slots, emotes, respecs and more. In Champions Online, the store offers heroes costume sets, emblems, character slots, action figures and (of course) retcons or name changes. (Note: the website doesn't immediately reflect the price drops.) Additionally, the sale runs until Tuesday, June 2nd at 10:00 AM, so you've got all weekend to ponder your options.

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