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Symantec analyzes cache of stolen accounts

Jef Reahard

Kotaku brings word of a massive cache of stolen gaming accounts brought to light and investigated by computer security software maker Symantec. Massive, in this case, equals around 44 million accounts from game publishers including Blizzard, NCsoft, and Wayi Entertainment. The largest chunk of compromised accounts came from Wayi (around 16 million), while NCsoft held down second place with over 2 million infected accounts (60,000 of which came from Aion). World of Warcraft accounts made up approximately 210,000 of the total number.

Symantec identifies the culprit as a Trojan named, appropriately enough, Trojan.Loginck, which worms its way through multiple computers and updates the stolen account database any time it strikes pay dirt.

Check out the article over at Kotaku as well as Symantec's Trojan.Loginck blog entry.

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