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Free Realms adds new hoverboard styles, pets, and more

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Sony Online Entertainment offered some exciting new items in Free Realms last week, but they hinted then that more was on the way. The next round of items and content arrived over the weekend, sending players back to the Marketplace for another shopping spree.

There are two new hoverboard styles to check out -- Clockwork and Dwarftech -- which come with fancy paint jobs and chrome exhaust pipes. If you're an archer, you'll find some new equipment in the Marketplace, and Treebles -- or flying squirrels -- are the latest pets available in the Marketplace.

There is one more group of items in the Marketplace: Jackpot Plants. These handy little plants come in three sizes and sprout gold once a day. You can even share the wealth with your friends by asking them to water your plant in exchange for a little reward. Jackpot plants are available from Gold Farmers around Free Realms as well.

Finally, there is a brand new playground in Highland Junction behind the pet adoption center, so be sure to stop by in your travels. Take a look at the Free Realms site for all the information on these new items.

[Thanks to Lizzy for the tip!]

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