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World Science Festival kicks off June 2nd in NYC

Laura June

If you're in the New York City area during the upcoming week, you really might want to think about trying to score yourself some tix to the World Science Festival. We've never been ourselves, and we have to say that our interest -- based on the description of the events -- is seriously piqued. The Festival was started Brian Greene (the physicist, not the guy from 90210) and his wife, and will run from June 2nd to the 6th. It will kick off with a gala event featuring Stephen Hawking, and will host a wide variety of talks over the week, covering topics like the science of sound, the science of Star Trek, and whether or not it's possible that we're all holograms. We're hoping to try to hit at least one of these events ourselves (though we do have a busy week ahead), but we suggest you check out the source link for full details yourself.

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