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First PS3 3D game updates available in Japan on June 10


Sony Japan has announced the first games to be updated for 3D in that region -- a set of games corresponding to those included with Sony Europe's Bravia promotion. Super Stardust HD, Pain, and WipeOut HD will all be patched to support 3D for those in Japan with fancy enough TVs on June 10.

Like in Europe, new Bravia buyers in Japan will be treated to all three of these 3D games for free, along with a 3D MotorStorm Pacific Rift demo. For those not buying a new TV, the 3D update for WipeOut and Super Stardust will still be free (even if the games aren't). Pain, however, lives up to its name with a ¥300 ($3.28) charge to add the new 3D mode.

Now that near-identical details and launch dates have been released for 3D support in Japan and Europe, we can safely guess that a similar promotion will be on the way in North America.

[Via Andriasang]

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