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Survey says pay TV customer service is at new heights

Ben Drawbaugh

The American Customer Satisfaction Index has been tracking the satisfaction of pay TV customers since 2001, and in that time the results have never been as high as they were in the first quarter of 2010 -- thanks to the new players. Verizon's FiOS service lead the charge with a score of 73 out of a 100 with U-Verse close behind at 72. Dish Network was right in line behind those two with 71, while DirecTV moved in the opposite direction, as the rest of the industry, dropping three points to 68 -- which is still above the overall overage of 66 for the entire pay TV business. Not a big surprise that Charter, Comcast and Time Warner brought down the average by bringing up the rear scoring 60, 61 and 61. Although this is a trend headed in the right direction it is hardly stellar as the average for other sectors like wireless, utilities, health care and even motion pictures is considerably higher.

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