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Apple, Microsoft retail stores playing tag


We've mentioned how closely Microsoft's retail stores resemble Apple's, and now they're even physically close. At least in one Washington mall.

Downtown Bellevue reports
that Microsoft will open a store in the Bellevue Square Mall, just three spaces away from an existing Apple Store. Feeling a little cramped, Apple will relocate its store to a new spot that's further away from its rival, around a corner and down a long hallway.

This isn't the first cat-and-mouse game that the two companies have played with their retail stores. Last October, Microsoft opened a store in a Mission Viejo, California mall with an Apple Store. Two months before the grand opening, Apple closed their location, enlarged and renovated the place and then re-opened one month after the Microsoft store opened. The two spots are just under 400 feet apart.

[Via ifoAppleStore]

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