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Audi's foosball table still costs less than its cars, but not by much

Chris Ziegler

Look, if we were in the market for a foosball table, we came across this lovely unit, and it ran $50 or $100 more than your standard-issue wooden model, we'll be honest: we'd seriously consider it. Heck, we might even be willing to plunk down an extra $200 if we were in a good mood. But Audi -- a company traditionally known for designing cars, not work break entertainment devices -- is looking to command far more for this work of art. Having debuted two years ago at Audi's Concept Design studio in Munich, the company and production partner Leonhart are now hawking a limited run of 20 of the tables for a whopping €12,900 ($15,800) each -- a price that far outstrips any semblance of reason or justification unless you're the kind of person that owns ten Audis, not merely one. For what it's worth, the company says "a year's painstaking craftsmanship" was necessary before the prototypes tables were even ready, so we suppose you get what you pay for; just don't set your beer on the edge, alright?

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