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Borderlands on Amazon for $37 with free Double Add-on Pack


We've seen this game for super cheap already, but just in case you haven't taken the trip to the Borderlands of Pandora (the other Pandora), now's your chance. Gearbox's excellent loot-and-shoot title is only $36.99 on Amazon right now, and Jeff Bezos and company are throwing in the Double Add-on Pack (with the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and Moxxi's Underdome Riot packs) for absolutely free.

That's an amazing deal -- like coming across a legendary SG30/V3 Blast Hammer while clearing out the Crimson Fastness again (if you'd bought the game already, you'd know what that felt like). Go get you one, and once you're in the game, make sure you stop by and say hi to Scooter. He's right where the cars live.

[Thanks, Goldenchild]

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