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Building your ship in Black Prophecy


From the Millennium Falcon to the Enterprise, every space jockey knows that a well-built ship can make the difference between life and death. In Black Prophecy, players will not only get to pilot some of the most lethal spacecraft known to the Tyi and Genide factions, but be able to modify and tweak them to perfection.

Recently, Reakktor unveiled the blueprints for successful starfighter construction. While each type of ship has a different look to it, the general layout of ship modules will be the same. Each fighter is made up of several components, such as the cockpit, wings and engines, and these components can house a variety of offensive and defensive tech. Weapons, rocket launchers and shield generators are all part of the ship builder's menu in Black Prophecy.

However, it will take strategy and planning to properly equip your ship. Players need to level up certain skills just to be able to equip some modules, and you'll need to check that your components are compatible with each other. Reakktor claims that the chosen components will be the deciding factor in a ship's abilities, transforming it from a swift prowler to an invulnerable (yet plodding) tank depending on what's used.

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