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Indie game Eufloria growing on PSN in 2011


Omni Systems' beautiful indie game Eufloria, once known as Dyson, will be released on the PlayStation Network (presumably for PS3) sometime in 2011. Eufloria is a strategy game of sorts, in which players grow "semi-organic" trees on asteroids, and then set those trees against AI opponents, all presented in a minimal visual style that the game's website calls "reminiscent of children's books like The Little Prince."

The PSN release will benefit from updated visuals, unspecified new mechanics and other new material. New tracks from original composer Brian Grainger will also be added to the game. "Considering the various improvements," Omni Systems says in the press release, "it may be more accurate to describe the PSN release as 'Eufloria++'."

If you'd like to get an idea of what the current Eufloria is like, a demo of the PC version is available.

[Via GameSetWatch]

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