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Making vacation videos on your iPad with ReelDirector 3.0


If you're still on vacation and reading this on your iPad, it's time to get moving on editing those trip videos you've been shooting over the last four days. You know, all that video of the kids at the beach that you took with your AVCHD camcorder and iPhone. What? You don't have your Mac with you? No problem -- just install the new Nexvio ReelDirector 3.0 (US$7.99) app on your iPad and get to work.

The updated version of ReelDirector is free to owners of previous editions and adds iPad compatibility to the mix. If you already own ReelDirector for iPhone, load it on your iPad as well at no extra cost. Nexvio added a demo project to help newbies get familiar with the app, and there are more powerful goodies. It's possible to pan, zoom, and rotate videos, mix videos of different resolutions and orientations into a single project, and add text overlays to any clip. Want to change the fonts for the title or subtitles? No problem.

Nexvio has also removed limitations on the number of photos in a single movie project, so creating a fancy slide show of vacation photos is a piece of cake as well. ReelDirector 3.0 is the missing "iMovie for iPad," so if your summer trip plans include shooting a lot of video, edit your work on the go with ReelDirector on your iPad. A full review of ReelDirector 3.0 is forthcoming.

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