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Tales of Fantasy announces Call of Destiny patch

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The world of Tales of Fantasy is about to get a lot more interesting. IGG has announced the upcoming Call of Destiny patch, something that will bring welcome new content to the game.

Those players who have been hanging around at level 40 will find the door opened for plenty of new gameplay -- Call of Destiny will bring the eight final class advancements as well as a level cap increase to 50. Players of all levels looking for new adventures will enjoy the many content additions. New monsters and bosses, new maps, and new storyline progression will offer plenty to see in the days after the patch. If you love your gear, you'll want to check out the new customization options and new weapons, equipment, and more.

IGG has not given a specific release date for this patch beyond "this June," so we'll keep an eye out for any upcoming date. In the meantime, visit the Tales of Fantasy site for all the details.

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