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The Old Republic: The 50-novel MMO


"Would you like some story with that?" seems to be BioWare's talking point these days when it comes to The Old Republic. When talking to CVG, the RPG developer boasted that TOR will contain "50 novels-worth" of story, an impressive number that backs BioWare's commitment to telling a tale, even in a genre where story is seen as disposable.

In fact, BioWare isn't afraid to ruffle the feathers of competing MMOs by claiming that they sacrifice fun, story and interesting content while training players to rush through it all to the end game. Despite studios and players resisting change, Lead Writer Daniel Erickson claims that it's time for MMOs to challenge traditional conventions and return to their RPG roots: "The thing that has been a challenge for us on Old Republic is that people tried to convince us these limitations were canon - that they were to be respected, you know? That you could not, in fact, put interesting bits in an MMO because that was now sacrilege."

Of course, as with any pre-release boasts, the question is if BioWare can make good on their claims, and if these changes will be embraced by the MMO community or rejected. The answer to that is over a year away, but it doesn't seem to stop fans and critics from trying to provide it now. Read Erickson's full quote over on CVG and let us know what you think!

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