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Lexus breaks a champagne glass with a $375,000 hammer, so to speak

Chris Ziegler

The older among you might vividly remember Lexus' old ad campaign from the company's early years whereby they'd run a car on a dyno with an unbreaking, unfaltering pyramid of champagne glasses perfectly balanced on the hood. To celebrate the launch of the $375,000 LFA supercar, Lexus put a new twist on the theme by setting out to break the glass -- with sound alone. Apparently, Lexus matched the champagne glass' resonant frequency to that of the LFA's exhaust note, bursting the flute to shards just as the car comes up on 200mph -- all with no CGI involved. The way we see it, if you can afford the car, you can certainly afford to replace your drinkware, right? Follow the break for the full video.

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