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One Shots: I am

One of the things many feel that World of Warcraft has done right in the last few years is the decision to make raiding accessible to everyone -- not just those who can muster a large group of people intent on spanking the newest big bad shiny dispenser. The other nice thing about opening up raids to everyone is that it gives many players the chance to experience the lore up-close and personal. This, in turn, inspires some World of Warcraft fans to write their own rich stories about the lore, such as the piece we got to go with today's One Shots from Zamara of the guild Equilibria on the Caelestrasz (US) realm.

Since it's a bit longer than our normal space, we've tucked the story behind the break for those who would like to check out a small but interesting bit of fan-fiction. Before we turn it over to Zamara, though, we'll note that if you'd like to tell us about your brushes with lore (and more), snap a great screenshot and email it to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and your story. Other information such as server, guild, etc. is welcome but not required. And now, on with the post!

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Will I be true... Should I be true ? What I do but to obey them.

The wielders of my harvest form...

For power. For Greatness.
Ambitions. Of the dark almighty. Ingenuity. Pureness. Nobility. Hatred.
A quivering soul.

A Father's soul,
Melted Sorrows. Chivalry. Honor. Hope.
Yield for the Justice in the quaking dominion of Truth. Love.
A Father's love.

I am Truth.

I was of the Light...

I am.

I, am who they forged.


I, Ashbringer.

- Shards of Memory of Tirion Fordrin, A Fanfiction quote for Warcraft Universe

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