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Patch 3.3.5: Ruby Sanctum release delayed

Anne Stickney

In a somewhat startling announcement, Zarhym stated that the release of Ruby Sanctum, the dungeon supposedly available with Patch 3.3.5 is being delayed. While players were expecting the dungeon to be immediately available upon Patch 3.3.5's release to live servers, it seems this is no longer the case. Here's the full post:

Due to the fact that we will be delaying the release of patch 3.3.5 in Europe, Korea and Taiwan in order to ensure the patch process in all regions is as smooth as possible, the Ruby Sanctum will not immediately be available on North American realms upon the release of the patch. Once patch 3.3.5 has been released in North America and we are confident about a time when we can open up Ruby Sanctum, we will provide an update here on the forums.

If any updates to this change in schedule are posted, we'll let you know.

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