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Rare gets new logo for 25th anniversary


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To celebrate 25 years of making games, Rare has touched up its old logo. Above, you can see the updated version, which will be featured on Rare's site when it relaunches "soon."

"Both Rare and the games industry have seen massive changes over the past 25 years, and right now it feels as if both we and the industry are continuing to evolve at an ever-increasing pace," offered studio head Mark Betteridge. "With this landmark anniversary coming up, and knowing that we have a really exciting future ahead, we felt now was the time to have a new image more in keeping with an innovative and creative entertainment company, which aspires to be around for at least the next 25 years!"

Well, here's to the first 25 years! We're grateful to have shared quite a number of rare moments over the years; from our younger days playing R.C. Pro Am on the NES; to Rare's contributions on the N64 -- you have no idea how many nights we spent playing GoldenEye and Perfect Dark; to the Microsoft acquisition; to the studio's reinvention of itself -- who ever thought a pseudo-cannibalism sim would be a hit? Good times and bad, we appreciate all of the hard work. Congratulations to Rare!

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