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Samsung's latest WiFi point-and-shoot hits the FCC, doesn't do Bluetooth (yet)

Sean Hollister

Samsung cameras are emanating a good bit of electromagnetic radiation as of late, as the firm's decided to outfit its latest camcorders and quick-draw snapshot shooters with WiFi connectivity. And though we've never heard of the Samsung ST80, it'll be no exception: FCC filings have just revealed the new point-and-shoot will have "11 channels of allowed operating range from 2412 MHz to 2462 MHz in [the] USA." That's what Sammy told the US government in a May 27th disclosure, adding the sad, hacker-inspiring news about Bluetooth that you see immediately above. We don't have any further details about the camera -- save that said WiFi will be 802.11b/g -- but judging by Samsung Korea's existing ST70 and ST60 models, the ST80 will likely be a tad slimmer than its Boingo-infused counterpart.

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