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WoW Moviewatch: Avatar Days


The film Avatar Days was the winner of the 2009 Rushes Soho Shorts festival's documentary category, and is now being released to the public after the completion of that year's circuit. Avatar Days also won the award for Best European Documentary Short at the European Independent Film Festival. It was originally created for the Darklight Festival's '4 Day Movie' project, and has been widely circulated on the internet in the last week.

Avatar Days is the product of Piranha Bar and it tells the story of four people whose daily lives deeply contrast with their online personas. I think there's a little bit of each of us WoW players reflected in the story. I found the end especially moving; I loved the moment when the gamers step up to a mirror. We are clearly told there are not identity issues here: for all that each gamer knows and honors their online characters, it clearly their own self they see in the mirrior.

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