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DOJ reportedly expands Apple probe


The New York Post is reporting this week that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) is expanding its investigation of Apple in regards to iTunes and changes to the beta iPhone OS 4 SDK.

As for iTunes, Apple is accused of allegedly threatening to withhold their typical promotional activities from labels who continued to offer exclusives to Amazon via their Daily Deals campaign.

Additionally, the DOJ and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are negotiating which of them will launch an inquiry into a clause in the iPhone OS 4 SDK that bans the porting of software originally written for Adobe's Flash, Sun's Java or Microsoft's Silverlight/Mono to the iPhone OS.

The Post cites "one Hollywood industry source" in their article, so you're free to guess who that might be. In the meantime, we'll follow this story as it develops. Here's hoping justice -- and not sour grapes -- is served.

[Via Edible Apple]

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