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EA's Ramsdale: Project Ten Dollar 'not a defensive measure against pre-owned or piracy'


An MCV interview with Electronic Arts UK General Manager Keith Ramsdale took a turn for the Munchausen fantastical when the executive claimed EA's "Project Ten Dollar" and Online Pass are programs "all about the customer, about improving their experience," and simply "not a defensive measure against pre-owned or piracy." And just as those words left his mouth, a unicorn leaving a rainbow trail in its wake burst into the room and moved toward Ramsdale. Cherubim flew in, picked up the executive and spirited him away on the majestic steed.

Sorry, there were no unicorns or pudgy angels, we just wanted to get into the spirit of that amazing tale explaining the purpose of "Project Ten Dollar."

On a more serious note, Ramsdale expressed that there are five core sectors EA currently focuses on: football (soccer); racing; sims; shooters; and fitness. The publisher considers those genres to be "year-round opportunities" that will utilize year-round work with retail, marketing and communication with the communities, though we wonder how much that leaves for creative endeavors that fall outside those sectors. Where would a Mirror's Edge fit in?

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