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Lego Harry Potter demo materializes on Xbox Live June 7, PS3 and PC to follow


Would you like to try Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4, before its June 29 release date? Luckily for you, the wizards at Hogwarts have decided to share a quick magic lesson that will allow you to do just that starting June 7. Here's how you perform the spell, which, for complicated magical reasons, won't work until June 7:
  1. Download the demo from Xbox Live
  2. Maybe say a magic word or gesture with a wand or something
The incantations and potion-brewing required to bring this demo into existence are somewhat more difficult for a PlayStation 3 and PC demo, so those versions won't be available until later in June. You'll be able to summon those demos just as easily, however, when the time arrives. You have the power within you.

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