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As you cruise to lay the smackdown on Professor Putricide and company, you will encounter two giant dogs. Yup, they look just like Gluth.

These guys don't drop emblems, they don't have heroic modes, but they're difficult enough for many raids that they're worth a quick shout-out. We'll keep this guide short, though -- they're not terribly difficult. They just require a bit of management.
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You'll need two tanks and a number of healers proportionate to your throughput. At this point, I tend to run with two healers in 10-man normal and five healers in 25-man normal.

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General strategy

The two dogs are basically the same fight, with the exception of their Big Trick. The tank is continually hit with a mortal strike debuff called Mortal Wound. It can stack up to 10 times. To avoid making your tank unhealable, the two tanks should taunt-swap the boss back and forth. Don't let Mortal Wound get above five stacks. Both dogs will also use Decimate occasionally, just to make absolutely sure you've been good about swapping tanks. If your tank is at eight stacks of Mortal Wound or more, good luck keeping them alive. These are the basics of the fight; each dog has its own trick.

Precious will periodically summon skeletons. For this reason, your tanks should keep kiting Precious down the stairs and around the room, so that the skeletons don't get a chance to kill everyone. Once the dog is dead, kill the skeletons.

Stinky is a little tougher. He issues an area of effect damage aura that will hurt your raid. Your healers will have to heal through it. For this reason, Stinky is often considered a good candidate for Heroism early in the fight -- before raid members die.

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Both dogs
  • Decimate Reduces the health of the entire raid to 15% of its total maximum.
  • Mortal Wound Each stack of Mortal Wound will reduce healing effectiveness on the target by 10%. It can stack up to 10 times, to render the target unhealable.
  • Summons Plagued Zombies They have around 100k health. Burn them down, but don't let them hit you too many times. Every time one hits a target, it applies a debuff to that causes the target to take more physical damage per hit.

  • Plague Stench Does 1,500 nature damage per tick to your entire raid. That makes Stinky somewhat of a healer check.
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Tank strategy

There's two of you on the dog. Taunt off your partner tank when their Mortal Wound reaches five stacks. As a special note for Precious, kite the dog down the stairs and back up the other side, to avoid also having to tank the Plagued Zombies.

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DPS strategy

Kill the boss fast. This proves your DPS readiness for later bosses. Don't touch the zombies until after the dog is dead. If you have trouble with Stinky's AoE damage aura, have your hybrics back up the healers with some off-heals.

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Healer strategy

The tank is going to get harder to heal the longer he's tanking the boss, which is a pain when you were already doing some raid healing due to Decimate. This is not an easy task, especially if you're doing Precious and have to kite the zombies. These fights are definitely a bit of a healer check.

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