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Ask Engadget HD: Home theater on a $2,500 budget?


Keeping with our recent theme of more frugal home theater efforts, this week our question is similar to the pie in the sky dreams of a few weeks ago, but with a very down to earth monetary restriction. Our friend Thomas has space for a home theater setup, but not a lot of cash to use to fill it up. We'll let him tell you how it is:

We are currently in the process of finishing our basement. We have a nice wall for a flat screen, two small basement windows, dish, Blu-ray, and about $2500 to spend on a "home theater" (albeit a smallish one). If I want a HDTV and surround speakers - how should I go? Or am I not considering something else I should be? This is definitely a theater on a budget.

This is your mission if you choose to accept it, spend Thomas' money and get a setup any of us would be proud to do some television watching, gaming or movie night with the family on. Over here we're all BeoVision all the time, so what the proletariat are using to watch Teen Cribs on is a mystery to us.

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