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Panasonic's HDC-TM35 HD camcorder is light, lady-friendly

Tim Stevens

Leave it to Panasonic to yet again stake claim on a "world's" achievement that generally isn't on our radar. The company is again claiming it offers the world's lightest HD camcorder, this time the HDC-TM35, sporting 1080i recording and hybrid image stabilization that allows you to "vigorously shake the rock" according to the infallibly auto-translated press release. It weighs just 185g, about the same as a BlackBerry Storm2 and 42 grams lighter than it's predecessor, the HDC-TM30. According to that release, the cam intended for a female audience, who hopefully like white, violet, gold, or gray (shown after the break). Storage is to SDXC and videos are recorded in AVCHD format, which should give you plenty of room on that card to keep on filming until your arm gets tired. Panasonic isn't announcing an official price, but it'll be hitting Japanese boutiques on July 1.

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