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One Shots: Just bricks in the wall

We're just now starting to see all the various different landscapes in Age of Conan's newest expansion Rise of the Godslayer thanks to readers like Joshua P. who keep sending their images in. When you add in the promised upcoming revisions to the game engine and DX10, we can only imagine how much more awesome Age of Conan is going to look in the future. For the here and now, though, we have Joshua's note on the above landscape:

"They sent me on a quest through the northern half of the Gateway to Khitai, which involved fighting legions of Zang Xin beasts on the side of a mountain; then the lieutenant of their army. After he was down, I noticed a rickety old ladder leaned against the side of the cliff leading up to Cong the King of the Zang Xin, a giant brute that towered over my Priest of Mitra. It was an epic battle, but thanks to Mitra's blessing I was able to defeat the beast. He dropped a worthless green piece of armor that I couldn't even wear -- how disappointing. At least I got this nice view of the Great Wall from the top of the mountain!"

Do you have screenshots of your favorite game that you haven't sent in to us yet? If so, why are you holding back? You should gather those up and send them to us here at oneshots AT We can always use more screenshots to show off.

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