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For Gnomeregan! Team ups


For Gnomeregan! is where the members of <B.L.O.G.> on Shadow Council (US-RP-A) roleplay guild meetings as part of an in-blog and in-game RP campaign. The rules for this campaign are: no ERP (Erotic RolePlay) and no vampires (though death knights are welcome). Everyone is invited to participate. Assume that to get into the guild, you at least pretended to be in full use of your faculties and are willing to fight for the cause. You are all welcome to join us here in the comments and those who wish to play with us in-game should friend Peenk and ask for an invite on Shadow Council (US-RP-A).

Hey. Kixi Sparklebolt here again. Some of you have told me that you have training buddies or are teaming up for stuff. This. This is exactly the kind of initiative I want to see from all of you.

I also have a training buddy. Darkpeep is quiet and weird and I'm not sure all of her brain was reanimated with the rest of her, but together we are practicing our battle skills on the Horde. Darkpeep is her nickname, obviously, but she won't even tell me her full name. Does she remember it? I don't know!

We have been participating in the battle for Arathi Basin and are really honing our skills. Well, I am. Everything seems to come naturally to Darkpeep, like she was already a veteran Death Knight in another life or something. She also has this insight into the Horde that is uncanny! I find myself learning a lot from her.

I want to hear your team up stories, even if they weren't very successful. We often learn more from failures after all. Oh, and feel free to drink from the keg provided by Hardcider. Maybe it will loosen your tongues a bit.

No, not directly from the keg! Use a stein!

Dwarves. Sheesh.

Please join us by telling us a story from any team ups you have participated in recently (real or imagined) or something else of interest while staying in character. If you are new, why have you joined the army? All the World's a Stage is a great resource and this guest post by Anna is a must-read for making new characters.

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