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Executive Producer of Jumpgate Evolution gives information on game's status

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

After what feels like an endless period of silence from the developers of Jumpgate Evolution, Executive Producer Lance Robertson has delivered a surprisingly detailed forum post on the game's development.

So what's going on over there? Why all the silence and delays? Apparently, those delays are due to the extensive overhaul to the entire game: "...the team made the crucial decision to completely overhaul JGE's game systems, while also refocusing specifically on the game play experience we wanted to make: space warfare on a massive scale." Much of the game was removed completely and replaced to fit the team had in mind.

And the media blackout? "We couldn't discuss game features, because we were no longer sure what would make it into the game and what wouldn't. We couldn't talk about story, because it was being completely rewritten. There was so much that we wanted to share, but things were just at too early of a stage to discuss without the risk of disappointing you, our community. When we announce something, we ought to be as confident as possible that it will stay in the game – although in game development, there are no guarantees."

The full story is an interesting read, as it explains what has been going on with Jumpgate Evolution, and what will be happening from here on out.

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