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Full 90-min video of Steve Jobs at All Things Digital 8 posted


The folks at All Things Digital have posted the full-length video of the interview that Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher did with Steve Jobs at D8. As usual, Steve provided several memorable moments.

This year, he discussed the tragic situation at Foxconn, where many Apple products are assembled. Several employees have committed suicide since January. He called it "very troubling" and noted that "we're all over this." In fact, Apple has sent investigators to the factory.

The group also discussed Apple's position on Adobe and Flash. "You have to pick the right horse to ride, technically, going forward," he said. Steve published his formal thoughts on Flash in April, which brought tensions between Apple and Adobe to a head. Jobs claims that Flash isn't the right tool for the iPhone and iPad, while Adobe claims that Apple is imposing restrictions on developers and consumers.

There's much more to the interview, of course, and Swisher and Mossberg did a stellar job of talking with Jobs as usual. The discussion is definitely worth watching, and a good way to bide your time until today's keynote.

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