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Pandigital Novel goes on sale, hopes you'll take a look

Darren Murph

It may not be the color e-reader that turns Amazon's Kindle and the B&N Nook into relics, but Pandigital's Novel is actually one of the more interesting me-toos to surface. Boasting a 7-inch LCD, 1GB of storage space (not to mention an SD / MMC card slot), integrated WiFi and access to the Barnes & Noble eBookstore, the Novel is now on sale in at least a couple of places. If we were you, though, we'd probably opt for that Kohl's link -- you know, unless you just enjoy paying $50 over the $199.99 MSRP.

Update: Whoops! Looks like the Kohl's "sale" is off as well, with the price shooting up to $259.99. No deal.

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