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We can't handle the cuteness of ilomilo's 'Summer' trailer

Oh, ilomilo. Even though we still have absolutely no idea what's going on gameplay-wise, after watching this new trailer, we can't help but fall prey to this game's immeasurable charm. It looks like you have to move boxes around to reunite the game's pair of roly-poly protagonists, but we're sure there's more to it than that. Just like we're sure that this trailer is cuter than a bucket of baby sea otters being cuddled by a baby panda bear, which is also being cuddled by a much larger panda bear.

The trailer also includes a look at the "ilomilo shuffle" minigame, which, despite its lo-fi visuals, still manages to be irresponsibly adorable. We'll keep an eye on Swedish developer Southend's blog for release details for this pretty, pretty puzzler.

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