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WWDC 2010: Second, third generation iPod touch gets free update to iOS4


Yes, iPod touch owners, your long nightmare of paying $5 or $10 for operating system upgrades would appear to be over. The next version of the system formerly known as iPhone OS will be downloadable on June 21, and this time you'll get it absolutely free, just like the iPhone users.

Apple's quirky accounting for iPhone sales -- which the company cited as a reason it was able to offer free updates for those devices, but not for the all-the-profit-at-once iPod touch units -- has been left behind, so now the equal playing field includes all the iDevices. Enjoy your upgrade!

Did I say "all?" Sorry -- only the 2nd & 3rd generation iPod touch need apply. The new OS won't run on the first-gen devices.

Updated to include 2nd and 3rd generation devices.

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