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Anti-radiation gadgets take a few steps towards science, but are they legit?

Laura June

Gadgetwise recently ran a piece about two small-sized companies who are peddling something we've doubtless all encountered: anti-radiation devices. The thing is, nobody's proven yet that radiation from things like cellphones and laptops causes any harm... but why take chances when you can have the power of Belly Armor protecting your fetus? The thing that sets companies like Belly Armor and Pong Research -- which manufactures a cell phone case which purportedly protects against radiation -- is that they've spent a considerable amount of time and effort conducting research as they developed their products. So, undoubtedly, the Belly Armor blanket (which runs about $70) does protect your unborn child from your laptop's crazy rays -- again, though, the jury's still out on the effects of said rays. Should we err on the side of caution and start shelling out the bucks for anti-radiation gear, or should we just hope for the best?

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