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DCUO video shows off new combat

Jef Reahard

Sony Online Entertainment's Jens Andersen, Creative Director on the studio's forthcoming DC Universe Online title, is featured in a new video over at GameTrailers. The four and a half minute clip, a preview of next week's E3 2010 coverage, highlights a bevy of features for the new superhero title, and also shows off the improved combat animations and mechanics.

"We took this great combat model from action games, because it pays off in the superhero experience, and we put it together with all the great online features that MMORPGs have, with the community, the progression, and being able to feel that sense of accomplishment that you have as you're leveling up your character," Andersen enthuses.

The video showcases the physicality of DCUO's combat, as well as quite a few cameos from superheroes (and villains) that call the storied 70-year old franchise home. Check it out over at GameTrailers or after the jump.

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