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Kingdom Heroes scoots into open beta with weekend events


After a short couple weeks of closed beta, Kingdom Heroes has announced their transition into the open beta phase. This would be the "historical" MMO that teaches you all sorts of fascinating "facts" about ancient China, such as how their female warriors fought in elegantly revealing bikinis (at least according to the front page of the site). While they're currently only stress testing a single server in NA, Kingdom Heroes has plans to open a EU server in the near future.

As part of the open beta celebration, Aeria Games is hosting a number of special beta events for this upcoming weekend. GMs are coming out of the woodwork to run hide-and-seek games, statue dance contests, secret giveaways and awards for special milestones reached. Yes, once again we learn the insidious truth that our high school history textbooks kept from us: ancient Chinese armies were bolstered by their elite breakdancing skills.

So if historical breakdancing and entire armies playing hide-and-seek thrill you to your very core (or you just want to check out an interesting-looking MMO), then head over to the Kingdom Heroes website and download the open beta today.

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