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Sony has two 3D Blu-ray titles on deck for retail in 2010

Ben Drawbaugh

Of all the studios that you'd expect to only bundle its 3D Blu-ray titles with 3DTVs, you'd think it'd be Sony, but you'd be wrong. That's right, as rumored, Sony told Home Media Magazine -- in an article with some other fabulous quotes -- that Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs will be the first 3D Blu-ray disc to be available at retail, early this Summer. No clue exactly when that'll be but with Sony's 3D event scheduled for tomorrow, we'd keep a look out if you're interested. Also on deck for 2010 is what will might be the first day and date 3D Blu-ray release, Resident Evil: Afterlife. This one is due in theaters in September so that gives it a fighting chance to beat Disney's A Christmas Carol to market which is due on November 16th. Like Disney's 3D release, both of Sony's will include a 2D Blu-ray Disc in the box, which we interpret as the studios not putting much faith in the backwards compatibility of 3D Blu-ray Discs -- although we're told it could be for artistic reasons -- and will cost more than the standard 2D Blu-ray version.

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