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Apple Design Awards go to popular iPhone and iPad apps


There were no Mac apps in this year's Apple Design Awards, but Apple did recognize some popular iPhone and iPad apps in this year's winners. The list is as follows:

Most of those are actually pretty popular (and quite a few of them have been featured by Apple before). 20 Minute Meals and TabToolkit are probably the most obscure picks of the bunch, though when you actually look at them, it's not surprising at all that they were chosen. All of these are really terrific apps, but Apple definitely didn't dig too deep to find really out-of-the-way titles. Then again, when you're choosing fewer than 10 titles out of the larger App Store, you should probably go with what works.

We'll be chatting with a few of the winners this week here at TUAW -- stay tuned for interviews and updates from a few ADA winners and lots of other developers, live from San Francisco at WWDC 2010.

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