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New York Times for iPad update adds content


The iPad app that Steve Jobs supposedly dislikes, New York Times Editor's Choice, was updated today. The update partially addresses Steve's primary concern: the app omits a lot of the paper's daily content.

Specifically, the new build adds an Arts section and some videos. The Arts section has two "pages" worth of articles, so it's on par with the others. There are also five videos. Navigation is clear and easy and they look great on the iPad's screen. But it's still a small amount of content. We assume they've got a subscription model in the works and we're eager to see what it is.

Other changes include re-sizable text and an option to share stories on Facebook, Twitter and email. Photos now indicate if they contain a slideshow with a "more photos" icon, and all photos can be resized with a pinch.

It's a decent enough update that adds some content. Not a lot, but some. Hopefully Steve Jobs will be mollified.

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