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[Updated] Reminder: Come play Battle of the Immortals tonight!


What are you doing tonight? Playing some other MMO? Are you playing that MMO with the developers? No? Then you should come on over to party with Massively, as we host a play night of Battle of the Immortals with Perfect World Entertainment!

Join us on Battle of the Immortals, Poseidon Server, Realm 8, at 7 PM EST in Atlantis (116,189) for a run of the level 20 instance, Knight's Jail! If you don't have a Battle of the Immortals account, just grab one over at the game's official website and start leveling up! Level 20 only takes an hour or two of playtime, so you'll be ready to join us in no time at all!

Plus, a few players were gracious enough to offer us their invitation keys, so you can get awesome armor right away at level 1! Just input 5100107G090807088004511S3fcfb2 (Thanks Zsazsa!) or 8000168G020408001002501S1fb1fe (Thanks Talanx!) into the top most field of the game's character creation screen.

Need more information? Want to know who to look for and important stuff like that? Just check here for the answers to all of your burning questions. See you all tonight!

[Update: More information on how to join our Massively guild is after the break! Make sure to read this over!]

Guild Name: MassPWE

To apply to become a member of the guild, open the rankings window (hotkey "r"), select the Guild Ladder tab, highlight "MassPWE" (4th guild down on the list), and click the "request" button at the bottom. Invitations will start to be accepted at 6:00 PM EST (3 PM PST)

There are only 120 total slots in the guild so players should sign on early to ensure a spot in the guild.

At around 7 PM EST (4 PM PST), each of the Massively/PWE guys will send five people within the guild a party request. What happens there is up to the Massively and PWE party leaders. We may run Knights Jail, do Hexagram Array, or, if players are level 30, we'll try Trial of the Brave.

If the first round of groups doesn't cover everyone, we will try to make sure we switch out the players so every gets involved. So if you don't get invited in the first round, try again!

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