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TUAW's Daily App: BeSpeak


Our friends at luxury blog Luxist have discovered an app that's perfect for my lack of fashion sense. Given some basic information about how you look (eye/hair color, height, and body shape), it will give tips for men's fashion. It doesn't just tell you what colors to wear, though; it tells you what patterns in your wardrobe match and what shades complement each other. I have an extreme blind spot when it comes to looking good, so outsourcing this kind of decision-making is perfect for me. The next time I go suit shopping, BeSpeak will be on my iPhone for sure.

Unfortunately, it's only for more formal clothing (suits, dress shirts, and ties), so if you want to try matching T-shirts with your favorite khakis or figure out which button-down you should wear with your jeans, you're still on your own. However, casual tips are on the way. The app is basically free advice for men, so if you're at all confused about whether that tie goes with that suit, it's probably worth a download.

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