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Volkswagen 2011 Phaeton can read street signs using windshield mounted camera

Laura June

Volkswagen's showing off its 2011 Phaeton all over the place, and it's boasting some pretty interesting features if you're the nerdy type. In addition to regular navigational systems, the Phaeton will be the first to integrate a new system which can download Google maps satellite images and points of interest info over a mobile phone, and then laid over existing maps within the GPS, providing a far superior, up to date database of information to the driver. And then there's the camera installed behind the windshield, which can read street sign information such as posted speed limits, no passing zones and the like. It also boasts Dynamic Light Assist, which makes use of the camera to scan the surrounding area for other cars that might suffer from the glare of the headlights, and responds by masking a portion of the lamp to cut said glare. Ah, fahrvergnügen.

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