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Zalazane's Fall official preview released

Alex Ziebart

Many weeks ago we were given an Azeroth Bulletin about Operation Gnomeregan, the gnomes' imminent attempt to recapture their fallen city. Today, from the European community site, comes a preview for Zalazane's Fall. Vol'jin has put out a call to every man and woman capable of lifting a sword (or fireball) to assist him in retaking the Echo Isles.

Embedded on the coast of Durotar, the tiny troll Village of Sen'jin is bursting with recent activity. In what some claim is a retort to the overblown assertions of the vertically-challenged High Tinker Mekkatorque, Troll Chieftain Vol'jin has announced his intention to "honor de ancestors 'n' take back da 'omeland, mon." The call has been given, and the scattered Darkspear tribe has begun to gather at the once-sleepy location. Now the primal rhythm of beating drums and strange clouds of acrid smoke drift aloft deep into the night, arguably a sign of celebration and preparation for an impending offensive.

Head on over to the official site for the full preview and the full, high-res version of the propaganda promotional poster above. It really is enormous. Fit to print, perhaps? In the inspiring words of glorious Vol'jin: "Zalazane will fall!"

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