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Browser-based QuickHit Football catches NFL licensing deal

Browser game developer Quick Hit, Inc. has announced that it has secured the rights to use NFL teams, logos, uniforms and all other trademarks associated with the league during the next "season" of its flagship online sports title, QuickHit Football. The game will also feature current NFL coaches and players, as well as legends, like Barry Sanders.

When the license goes into effect this fall, users will be able to play through a season or go head-to-head using their favorite professional teams and will have the ability to customize the rosters and sign new -- and old -- players using Coaching Points they've accrued over their careers. You can check out the current version of QuickHit for free on the game's official site.

Clarifying that Quick Hit's deal does not violate EA Sports' exclusivity agreement with the NFL, an EA representative told Joystiq that "the exclusivity agreements we have with the NFL and NFLPA have always been specific to football simulations on video game consoles."

Hopefully 2K will get this message and start working on one of those electric, vibrating football board games.

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