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CESA: 5.2 million illegal downloads of Dissidia: Final Fantasy in Japan


Siliconera has some more insight on those Consumer Entertainment Software Association piracy figures, and while the "money lost" totals are still a little inflated (it's very hard to agree with the sentiment that all pirated software would otherwise have been purchased legitimately at full price if not for piracy), the actual downloads are pretty surprising. Dissidia: Final Fantasy is the big winner (loser?), with over 5.2 million illegal downloads onto Japanese PSPs.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce were also heavily pirated, with 4.6 and 2 million illegal copies downloaded, respectively. Fortunately, outside of a few major titles, downloads drop off pretty sharply -- by the end of the top 20 in sales, they're at a few thousand or 10 thousand downloads each, rather than millions. Piracy is definitely still an issue (and a growing one -- the first Phantasy Star Portable only saw just over half a million illegal downloads a few years ago), but in Japan it appears confined to a small group of extremely popular titles.

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