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Garmin-Asus planning another nuvifone for AT&T?

Chris Ziegler

It takes a little bit of creative dot-connecting to follow our thought process here -- but we think we're onto something, so do us a favor and lend us an ear for a second. Garmin-Asus, of course, kicked off its North American efforts with the forgettable nuvifone G60 on AT&T, then just followed it up with the Garminfone on T-Mobile. We'd speculated previously that AT&T might have some sort of US exclusive on the use of the "nuvifone" name, considering that the company strays from that branding in no other market in the world. Additionally, all of ASUS' phones are happening through the Garmin-Asus joint venture right now, so when we found this E600 "PDA Phone" in the FCC this week, we knew right away that we were likely looking at a new nuvifone model. Looking at the filings, we see that it's rocking 850 / 1900MHz 3G, which leads us to believe that AT&T might be ready for round two -- either that, or one of our GSM friends north of the border is looking to deploy it -- but any way you slice it, that G60 is looking pretty long in the tooth.

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