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Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 'Rockstar' contest wraps up, neat apps ensue

Chris Ziegler

The success of Windows Phone 7 as a commercially viable mobile platform will ultimately depend on a great many things, but one of the biggest factors might be its chops as a gaming setup -- so naturally, we're excited to see each and every WP7 game that gets previewed right now. In March, Microsoft kicked off its so-called Rockstar competition, where student teams competed to make awesome apps (games or otherwise) for the platform in their choice of Silverlight or XNA -- and the results of the competition are finally in. Two of the top three winners were games, and the grand champion was a game by the name of -- wait for it -- "Droid." Members of the team are receiving $8,000 plus a Windows Phone, and while none of these apps are the most polished things in the world, it's a promising sign that these students were able to come in fresh on a brand new platform and produce solid version 1.0 software in less than three months' time. Hit up Microsoft's Windows Blog for the full list of winners.

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