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Final Fantasy XI rolls out the information on the level cap increase

Eliot Lefebvre

While we knew that the level cap was going to be raised soon in Final Fantasy XI, we hadn't heard much in terms of official details from Square-Enix. The silence has been broken, and while the official announcement neither confirms nor denies that the world's most insanely fit old man will be coming around for more limit breaking, it does offer a few interesting data points regarding the increase. This first round of increases will expand characters to level 80, complete with new equipment and newly relevant areas to suit those at the maximum level.

On the negative side, certain main job abilities are confirmed to be unavailable with the concurrent jump in subjob level. The White Mage "Afflatus" skills and a Ninja's Yonin and Innin abilities will be locked away from use by main jobs. A Ranger's Shadowbind and a Scholar's Accession and Manifestation skills will also be usable, but in a weakened state. Other than these limitations, however, it's full speed ahead for the expanded caps in Final Fantasy XI -- and we can only hope that the silence on a new limit break might mean there isn't one.

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