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Popular TV shows disappearing from Netflix streaming queues? - Update: Fixed


And not just things that should go, like season 2 and on from Heroes. We're getting reports (and have noticed in our own queues) that things like 30 Rock, Lost, The Office, Prison Break, MI-5 and pretty much any other show we'd like to watch have dropped from available for streaming over Watch Instantly to coming soon or unknown. Searching the website intermittently showed them available, and then they disappeared completely -- including any options for Blu-ray and DVD rental -- which would appear to indicate this is just an extension of severe problems it's been experiencing since yesterday, reported by Hacking Netflix. The pessimists in the crowd have floated the possibility that licensing issues, potentially due to some premium Hulu service on the way, are the villains in this case of the vanishing videos. We're not so sure that's the case and have reached out to Netflix to find out what's going on, but any plans to check out Liz Lemon and the crew this afternoon are ruined -- you may have to actually get some work done.

Update: The @NetflixHelps twitter account has posted this is a "purely technical" issue that it's currently working to resolve so put your worries aside, explaining the sudden burst of productivity to your boss will be difficult enough.

Update 2: The same account now reports things have returned to normal, and a quick glance at our queue appears to confirm it. Consider the weekend begun.

[Thanks to Owen, everyone who sent this in]

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