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Samsung Galaxy S taking UK pre-orders, Vodafone promises June 15 delivery

Vlad Savov

Were you looking forward to purchasing a 16GB smartphone with unique screen technology and an app-centric OS this month? Great, because the Galaxy S pre-order has now gone live in the UK, offering a delivery only four days away from now and prices that are pretty much par for the superphone course. If you want the Super AMOLED machine for free, minimum monthly cost will be steep, starting out at £35 ($51) a pop over 24 months or £40 ($58) over 18 lunar cycles. Both those deals furnish you with 900 minutes of talk time, unlimited texts, and 1GB of 3G data, but the latter works out to be the better value as it tallies up to £720 ($1,045) in total investment over the full term. Then again, most of what Vodafone has on tap compares favorably to the madness O2 is asking iPhone 4 buyers to pony up.

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